American International University (AIU) delivers quality and affordable education to qualified students. We are built on five pillars which are Affordability, Accessibility, Quality education, Diversity and Inclusiveness. 

Why American International University?

  • We are a non-profit University that is registered and based in NC, US.
  • We are ASIC Accredited. 
  • Our programs are affordable and flexible. 
  • Our faculty are doctorally prepared with many years of experience in academia 
  • We are students centered, assigning advisors and mentors to each student throughout their academic journey because student academic success is our top priority.   
  • US-based curriculum.    
  • Flexible learning online environment.         
  • We offer scholarships and grants to qualified applicants.
Affordable Tuition 

Universities tuition includes fees such as accommodation, enrollment, transportation, parking, administration, books, and many more. Cost can often be a prohibitive factor that can prevent students to enroll in courses they’re interested in.  AIU Affordable tuition approach eliminates all the above expenses.  

Scholarship and Grant

As a non-profit institution, we offer scholarship and grant to qualified students 

Get Online Education From AnyWhere In The World

AIU offers 100% online education that is flexible with affordable tuition which allow students: 

  • To take control of their own learning process.
  • To take courses as per their learning capacity and convenience.
  • To become active learners, rather than passive learners while taking full responsibility for their own studies.
  • To learn vital time management skills, which makes finding a good work-study balance easier.

Accredited by ASIC:

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