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MBA (Master In Business Administration)

The Master of Business Administration program is specifically designed for experienced business professionals and managers seeking upward career mobility or professionals who want to broaden their business knowledge. A master of business administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that provides theoretical and practical training for business or investment management. An MBA is designed to help graduates gain a better understanding of general business management functions.

MBA online degree program is equipped with examples of problems many organizations faced and its best solution. MBA degree program online is a graduate degree focussing on business administration.

The focus of your program is your personalized Degree Plan. The Degree Plan is a detailed blueprint of the courses you will need to complete in order to earn your degree. The Degree Plan also lays out the accompanying learning resources and assessments that compose your program. The list of courses in the Degree Plan is often referred to as the standard path. The amount of time it takes to complete your program depends on both the amount of new information you need to learn and the amount of time you plan to devote each week to study. Your program mentor and course instructors will help you assess your strengths and development needs to establish a study plan.

Your Degree Plan includes courses needed to complete your program. To obtain your degree, you will be required to demonstrate your skills and knowledge by completing the assessment(s) for each course. In general there are two types of assessments: performance assessments and objective assessments. Performance assessments contain, in most cases, multiple scored tasks such as projects, essays, and research papers. Objective assessments include multiple-choice items, multiple-selection items, matching, short answer, drag-and-drop, and point-and-click item types, as well as case study and videobased items. Certifications verified through third parties may also be included in your program. More detailed information about each assessment is provided in each course of study.

A learning resource can be an e-textbook, online module, study guide, simulation, virtual lab, tutorial, or a combination of these. The cost of most learning resources are included in your tuition and Learning Resource Fee. They can be accessed or enrolled for through your courses. Some degree-specific resources are not covered by your tuition, and you will need to cover those costs separately. AIU also provides a robust library to help you obtain additional learning resources, as needed.

Our masters’ programs are designed to be completed in 2 academic years or 4 semesters by students enrolled on a full-time basis (9 credits hours/semester or more).

In keeping with its commitment to quality and affordable education, the American International University will offer a Differential Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship of up to 50% off to students from developing countries who are enrolled full time in an offered program starting Fall 2021. Contact us to discuss your eligibility.

Enrollment Status Tuition Tuition differential
Full Time $5,280/year or $2,640/semester Covering up to 50% of tuition fees
Part time $352/credit Not eligible

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Standard Path for MBA (Master In Business Administration)

Organizational Management First year first semester 3
Marketing Management First year first semester 3
Managerial economics First year first semester 3
Managerial Accounting First year summer semester 3
Strategic Management and Ethics First year summer semester 3
Global Management Second year first semester 3
Managerial Finances Second year first semester 3
Operations Management Second year first semester 3
Management Information System Second year second semester 3
Project Management Second year second semester 3
Leadership Second year second semester 3
Teaching Methods

Teaching strategies are matched to student learning styles. It reflects ongoing formative and summative assessment driven by continuous improvement. Teachers will focus on learners and provide environments that facilitate student learning where desired learner outcomes (cognitive, affective and psychomotor) are archived.

MBA (Master In Business Administration)

Learning outcomes

  • Lead efforts to develop & implement ethical, creative, comprehensive solutions to complex organizational challenges;
  • Lead strategically and ethically in the face of environments characterized by change, uncertainty & complexity;
  • Analyze the critical partnerships between information technology & the user community to assure automation, organizational learning & strategic advantage;
  • Apply business models & analytical tools to decision making;
  • Analyze the impacts of changes in the economic & global business environments on decision making;
  • Apply analytics to financial decision making; and
  • Analyze financial & accounting information, while recognizing its value, uses & limitations.

Admission Requirements For Master of Business Administration-MBA

  • Applicants must have a Bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Applicants demonstrate their proficiency in English.
  • He/she must possess a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the latest previous program.
  • Candidates are required to submit their transcripts of the academic records & recommendation letter with additional documents.
  • An interview might happen for certain applicants.
Degrees outside of the United States

If the Baccalaureate degree was completed outside of the United States:

  • Official academic records and diploma/certificate must be sent from the institution attended.
  • If official records are not in English, certified English translations of all documents must also be submitted. Translations must be word-for-word (i.e. literal) translations
  • English Proficiency must be established by exam
  • TOEFL minimum scores: 550 paper, 80 internet, 213 computer
  • IELTS minimum score 6.5
  • Pearson Test of English Academic minimum score 53

Grade Point Average (GPA) chart

93% - 100% A 4.0
90% - 92% A + 3.7
87% - 89% B + 3.3
83% - 86% B 3.0
80% - 82% B - 2.7
77% - 79% C + 2.3
73% - 76% C 2.0
70% - 72% C - 1.7
67% - 69% D + 1.3
63% - 66% D 1.0
60% - 62% D - 0.7
0% - 59% F 0
AIU is using 4.0 GPA scale (referred to above table for more explanation)

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