AIU Faculty & Staff

Our team believes in using student-centred, communicative, descriptive, and collaborative methodologies, strategies, techniques, and management styles.

Before beginning their teaching duties, all faculty members participate in faculty orientation. Our staff and faculty work with a dedication to excellence that goes above and beyond, providing exceptional educational service to our students.

American International University is committed to providing equal employment opportunity in accordance with US federal and state law.

Staff Handbook

Human Resources

Our human resources faculty provide a variety of programs to assist administrators and employees with both organizational and strategic issues. This department is in charge of advising, assisting, and providing guidance to University administrators and employees on all aspects of employment, including hiring, development, pay, and performance management.

Finance & Adminstration

Our finance & administration department consists of a dedicated team of professionals that provide top-notch services to students, staff, and faculty. Our finance & administration team assists our University's academic, research, and service missions. They are in charge of financial management, including financial statements, facility management, accounting, and grant administration.

Assessment & Research

Our research department assists in analyzing, communicating, and reporting data & information to help with preparation, budgeting, assessment, implementation, and decision-making. We assist in evaluating student learning and experience. They help in reports preparation to make sure that we meet federal, national, institutional, and specialist technical accreditation agency standards.

Faculty Senate

On behalf of the University's students, the Faculty Senate proposes rules, legislation, and measures for the Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations. They also guide various other university policies. They have the right to issue documents such as handbooks, indexes, and notes on budget and policy revisions. The faculty works diligently to ensure that the University maintains its legacy of academic achievement and that all members of the campus community feel free to learn and connect.

Staff Senate

The Staff Senate works as a forum for communication, coordination, and interaction between the administration & the staff. The Senate's goal is to deepen the bonds between staff members & to raise the institution to a new level of excellence. This Senate serves as a consultative board to add value to the strategic conversations and decisions that support the goals of the institution. They take part in the University Administration, Faculty Senate, and Student Association processes.

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